作为一个在加拿大各地开展业务的组织, 先进的停车 ’s privacy and data security practices are designed to comply with a large collection of applicable laws and regulations.

先进的停车  knows that our customers care how information about them is 使用d and shared, and we appreciate your trust that we will do so carefully and sensibly. This Policy explains the treatment of personal information that we collect, 当您使用我们的产品和服务时使用或披露.

Personal Information means information about an identifiable individual, 除了个人的商业或雇佣28365365备用网址信息, 比如名字, title, 业务地址和业务电话. 先进的停车使用的个人信息可能包括:

  • 名字
  • Address
  • 电话号码
  • 电子邮件地址
  • 付款资料(信用卡/银行资料)

先进的停车  only collects and stores Personal Information necessary for maintaining relationships with our customers, 客户及同事.  收集这些信息是为了确保我们能够:

  • Process and collect payments for the services 先进的停车 provides to you
  • Appropriately identify you for transactions and communications between 先进的停车 and you
  • 保护高级停车和您从错误或欺诈
  • 遵守法律法规要求.

先进的停车  will only 使用 the information collected for the purposes specified during the collection process identified in this Policy 或法律授权的. Should 先进的停车  require your information for purposes other than those specified during collection or as permitted by this Policy, 如有需要,我们会征求您的同意, 或通知将提供给您之前,新的使用.

先进的停车 ’s responsibilities to our clients and customers include the following:

先进的停车  is responsible for all Personal Information it collects or otherwise receives during the entire life cycle of that information up until its destruction. This accountability extends to third parties to whom 先进的停车 discloses the same information for business purposes. 先进的停车 ’s Privacy Officer is directly responsible for the appropriate 使用 and protection of this Personally Identifiable Information and can be contacted at privacyofficer@impark.com.

高级停车场只收取费用, 使用 or disclose your Personal Information as set out in this Policy except where otherwise permitted or required by law.  Should you wish to withdraw your consent to the 使用 of your Personal Information, 请联络高级停车场的私隐主任.

先进的停车  will only collect Personal Information necessary for the purposes specified for that transaction, 其他合理的经营目的 as contemplated by this Policy 或法律授权的.

先进的停车  will only 使用 the Personal Information as specified during the collection process to conduct the related business transaction, 其他合理的经营目的, 或法律授权的. 先进的停车  may disclose your Personal Information to third parties that are directly involved with the processing or storage of that Personal Information, 用于特定的业务目的,如付款处理, 法律另有规定的除外. 先进的停车  does not sell or trade Personal Information to third parties. 先进的停车  only retains Personal Information for as long as reasonably needed for business purposes and as authorized by law.

先进的停车  will attempt to ensure the Personal Information we maintain about you is accurate and up to date to most efficiently provide services to you without interruption. 你应该相信这些信息是不准确的还是不正确的, 如有更正,请联络私隐主任.

先进的停车  commits to providing sufficient safeguards and controls to ensure your data’s security is maintained in both paper and electronic format. 先进的停车  will take reasonable measures to protect your Personal Information from unauthorized access, 使用, 信息披露, 重复, 在我们的控制下进行修改. 当高级停车场不再需要使用您的个人, 先进的停车  will take reasonable measures to securely destroy the data.

You have the ability to access your Personal Information held by 先进的停车  or third parties providing services to 先进的停车 . If you would like to know the information about you that 先进的停车  holds, please submit a request in writing to 先进的停车 ’s Privacy Officer.  Once received, the Privacy Officer will review the request and respond.

Please note that there are situations where 先进的停车  may not be able to release your Personal Information in certain formats. 例如, security reasons or potential infringement on the Privacy rights of others may sometimes prohibit the 信息披露 of your Personal Information.

先进的停车  will always do its best to ensure our privacy practices are open and transparent to all interested parties.  Any questions as to our practices can be directed in writing to the Privacy Officer. All concerns will be investigated and the results communicated to you once complete.

先进的停车 ’s 隐私政策 is in place to help our customers and clients understand how their Personal Information is 使用d and protected and we want to ensure you’re satisfied with these practices by providing as much information about them and providing a conduit to open discussion. Please contact our Privacy Officer with any questions or concerns you may have. 如果我们有必要更改我们的隐私政策, we will provide advance notice via our website and take such further additional measures as are reasonably necessary to communicate the change to those who may be affected by it.